The "Why"

 I decided to run for public office because now, more than ever, it is imperative that people who have previously and historically been underrepresented within the government have a seat at the table. It is less about what I am running for, but who I am running for. Representation matters. For people of color, young people, and women, representation yields a powerful impact. As a black woman who grew up with a hard working single mother, I have lived many of the same realities that the people of my district are living. However, I firmly believe that people do not have to be a product of their circumstances.  This very belief is what drove me to leave my job working a fast food window at forty hours a week as a full time student and run for Leon County Commissioner. The belief that my district-- from Frenchtown, into the Southside, and through Woodville-- does not have to be a product of its circumstances is what motivates me to keep on fighting the good fight.

The people of my district, along with all of Leon County, are in need of-- and rightfully deserve-- proactive leadership, a seat at the table, and the means to live comfortably. As your Leon County Commissioner, I will deliver tangible, positive, and sustainable change to our community.

I am incredibly grateful to share with you all that I, Jasmine Ali, have qualified to have my name on the ballot this November. I humbly ask my family, friends, neighbors, and supporters to join me as I embark on this journey. This is a we effort, not a me effort. Let’s win this together. 

Please take a moment to register to vote and update your information at LeonVotes.Com. Your community needs you.