Ali on the issues


  • Jobs: Work with local residents, students, schools, industry leaders, and the Office of Economic Vitality to create quality jobs, promote trade skill education, and allow people to live comfortably. Jasmine Ali will support and initiate policy to drive economic growth, smart community development, and the retention of recent graduates from FAMU, FSU, and TCC
  •  Safe & Affordable Housing: Advocate for the construction of affordable housing and increased home ownership by updating the Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan to include more concrete  standards on what developments are considered to be affordable. Ali supports income-based rent to own properties, regular financial literacy and home ownership workshops, and an expansion of the County’s Down Payment Assistance Program to assist first-time homebuyers.  
  •  Preservation of Our Historic Neighborhoods: Ali will proactively protect and preserve the legacy of our historically and culturally rich neighborhoods by listening to residents, businesses, and community stakeholders, expanding the historic preservation overlay district in Frenchtown and Southside, establishing development overlays, educating residents on the zoning process.  Jasmine is committed to resisting gentrification and appointing more diverse representatives to the Planning department, architectural review board, and the planning commission.
  • Crime Reduction: Reduce crime by addressing the living conditions that lead to criminal activity while supporting community policing, diversity in law enforcement, youth programs, employment for teenagers under 18, university partnerships with the community, and the reinstatement of Leon County’s mental health court.
  • Accessibility: Make the county commission more accessible by establishing flexible meeting times, providing childcare at regular board meetings and public hearings, holding monthly district meetings with residents, allowing residents to call in and speak at meetings, partnering with the local colleges to integrate local government calendars with student calendars, and promoting the use of technology as a means to maintain communication and transparency. Ali will actively engage in community case management by keeping electronic records of issues in the district and tracking them until they are resolved.


Your contribution will help fortify the path to victory for Jasmine and our community. Jasmine Ali will fight for the people and actively work to deliver positive change for the people. Join us by helping to elect the youngest person of color to serve in the State of Florida. Together, we will win and make history that will impact our community for generations to come.