Jasmine Ali was raised in Eustis, Florida by her mother and is the youngest of two children. With a single, working parent, Jasmine was often dependent upon the care of her neighbors. She quickly learned the importance of fostering community relationships and utilizing public resources. Ms. Ali spent most of her childhood in public libraries and parks, where she began to develop into a creative, resourceful, and innovative thinker.

Jasmine fights for the rights of others and refuses to sit idle in times of adversity. In fact, she comes from a bloodline of fighters. At the age of 24, Jasmine's grandmother defended her family's compound during war in Nigeria and would walk for miles on solo missions, scavenging for food to feed her children. After the city that Jasmine's grandmother and mother lived in had been captured by enemy forces, her grandmother snuck onto a cargo plane in the middle of the night with her two daughters and came to America. Jasmine's mother maintained the fighting bloodline by using education as a tool to battle the poverty, racial discrimination, gang violence, and crime that she faced growing up. With a grandmother that has only a sixth grade education, Jasmine was able to witness the generational growth that her mother produced and understood that education is a gateway to endless opportunities. Ms.Ali began college at the age of fifteen while still enrolled in high school. At seventeen, Jasmine graduated from high school, transferred to the Florida State University, and pursued an undergraduate degree in political science. Jasmine currently attends Florida State with her older brother, Jamal, and they are both seniors. 

Commitment to Service

The principles of making sacrifices, working hard, and defying the odds were adopted early in Jasmine Ali's life. Ms. Ali notes the murder of Trayvon Martin, which took place within miles of her hometown when she was fourteen, as a turning point in her life. The tragic event laid the foundation for her social activism and drive to empower people of color. She began to regularly research government systems and policy. Jasmine felt that the fundamental key to equality, opportunity, and change within our social systems is education. In an individual effort, Ms. Ali planned and hosted college tour trips for hundreds of high school students. She also worked with local elementary schools to help tutor students whose parents could not read or did not speak english.

During her first semester at Florida State, Jasmine was selected for the Service Leadership Seminar, a leadership development program where she was introduced to agencies and nonprofits in Leon County. Ms. Ali was able to learn more about local issues and serve members of the community that were in need of assistance. Jasmine later went on to facilitate the program and foster student advocacy for local issues including homelessness, poverty, hunger, and domestic violence. 

Ms. Ali has served on the executive board for her university's  NAACP chapter for two years where she currently serves as the Political Action Chair. In the past, Jasmine has helped to initiate a petition to the City of Tallahassee on behalf of Frenchtown, register and educate student voters, and advocate for the African American community. In addition, Ms. Ali has experience lobbying state and local governments. 

Jasmine has worked in government at the state level and assisted in drafting policy, working with labor unions, and handling constituent case management. Most recently, Jasmine Ali has been a force in engaging young people in the political process and believes that young people have the potential to play a pivotal role in improving the accessibility and effectiveness of our government.

District 1 is the most dynamic and diverse district in Leon County. Jasmine Ali is committed to fighting for and delivering positive change for all people in the community.